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Startup Of The Week- Green Feels

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Name of the Startup – Green Feels

Founded in – 2019

Industry – E-commerce

Founder – Priya Jain

CEO – Priya Jain

Startup Motto – Our mission is to make this world less trashy by providing people with everyday alternatives that don’t harm our planet. 

Startup Funding – Bootstrapped


Below is the transcript of our Interview with Green Feels

Could you please tell us about Green Feels, and what it is all about?

We are an e-commerce platform for everyday sustainable products. We curate brands that create plastic-free, organic, vegan & natural products to provide a one-stop place for people to buy environmentally friendly products. It’s very important for us to live a conscious lifestyle where our choices don’t harm the planet and as a brand, we feel it’s our responsibility to provide healthier alternatives to the consumer so that they can shop responsibly. By using our products one can reduce their daily waste that would otherwise just end up in our landfills and oceans creating environmental issues.  


How do you come up with the idea of selling eco-friendly products?

It was when I realised that my daily consumption habits were responsible for generating so much unnecessary waste and all the plastic items I was using was going to stay on this planet for another 500 years. Realising that I was part of the problem I decided to make changes in my own life and started learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This led me to make a platform for others who like me are trying to bring the necessary lifestyle change but often find difficult to look for eco – friendly products or people who are still unaware of the environmental problems. 


What are your challenges during the initial days you faced? And how did you push through?

Challenge is an everyday part of running a business. When we started out we had no technical knowledge of how to build a platform, how to get brands on board but with trying 100 things and continuously putting efforts we managed to set up our e-commerce platform. We are still learning new things every day and evolving as a brand. 


What all your team does, could you please tell us about your activities towards the eco-friendly environment?

We provide detailed information on our platform regarding every product. Our description includes sections where we thoroughly describe what the product is made of, what the packaging is like, what will happen when you throw it away. This is very important for us as we want to keep the customer informed on why buying our product is a better alternative than any conventional plastic product that they usually buy.

1- We often collaborate with NGO’s to conduct small clean-ups and plantation drives to help raise awareness on environmental problems. 

2- We are also trying to achieve 100% plastic-free shipping and plan to reach this goal in 2021


What makes your startup different from your competitors in your industry?

What makes us different is our purpose behind our business. We don’t want to be another company who just wants to sell you products that are cheap and unhealthy for your body and mind to gain profits and not care for our environment. 

We are a team that wants to reduce environmental issues and make sure that our future generation can survive on this planet. We are a bunch of young environment lovers and dreamers who imagine a world that’s plastic-free and less trashy. 

Startup Of The Week- Green Feels

What are Green Feels future plans? And where do you want to be?

We plan to make our own products and make sustainable living more and more accessible and affordable for everyone. 


Could you please tell us, where are you currently serving? Any expansion plans?

We are based in Kota, Rajasthan, India


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