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COLCO stands on the key pillars of Talent, Trust & Credibility and we started this to build the whole trust-based social ecosystem where every professional & business get the actual value in terms of earnings, respect, and dignity while building their credibility on the fundamentals of their talent.

What Questions Comes to Mind When Starting a Startup?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Everyone dreams of starting a business, and many young entrepreneurs are stepping into the business world. We are very sure you must have thought about starting your own business once in your life.

Starting a Startup

5 Easy Ways to Build Team Spirit at Workplace- Unboxing Startups

Reading Time: 4 minutes A company can only grow when the team works together and give the best performance at the team workplace.

Team Workplace

5 Techniques to Lead Your Business When Your Business is on Next Level

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you own a startup and are struggling to grow your business, you came to the right platform; at Unboxing Startups.

Lead Your Business

Success Mantra: What to do Before, During, and After an Interview

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you want to achieve something in your life, there are no shortcuts. Be systemic, and follow your plan.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Applying For A Job

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before submitting your CV, you will need to think – will the hiring manager read this and offer you an interview?

Applying For A Job

What Preparation Do You Need To Do Before You Search For A Job?

Reading Time: 5 minutes A fresher always faces difficulties when he thinks about the first job, but with a few crucial steps, you can prepare your mindset and set your target before you start searching for a job.

Search For A Job

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Startup?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Every entrepreneur knows building a team of talented people is right for their business growth and is vital for the company’s success.

importance of the hiring proces

5 Essential Ways to Reduce Small Business Initial Costs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Money is one of the most important needs for entrepreneurs to fulfill the basic needs (setup) of the company. But the question arises, do you have enough funds? Most of the startups will answer with a ‘NO’.

Reduce Small Business Initial Costs

What are 3 Realistic Ways to Fund Your Startup?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Fund Your Startup – Don’t waste your time looking for the wrong kind of financing Understand the general realities of getting funded.

fund your startup