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Founded in – 2018

Industry – Pharmaceuticals

Founder and CEO – Mr. Arjun Deshpande


Startup Motto – to reach every corner of India with Affordable Medicines

Startup Funding – Respected Mr.Ratan Tata Sir

Startup Market Cap – N/A

Team Size – 80-100

Below is the transcript of our interview with Generic Aadhaar

Could you please tell us about Generic Aadhaar to our readers, and what it is all about?

Generic Aadhaar innovative venture was founded by 16 years, a young lad in 2018. India’s Youngest and Dynamic Entrepreneur Mr. Arjun Deshpande also was invited to TED X Talk Show Twice Inspired Millions from his innovation. He is a motivational speaker also was titled PHARMA WONDER KID by Forbes India. Generic Aadhaar is a unique business model that supports the Single Retail Store across India, providing them backbone with their own Brand Name and providing business opportunities across India to non-pharma businessmen. Multiple Franchise outlets across India to provide affordable and accessible Generic Medicines to benefit every Indian. In May 2020 it was marked in the History that The Business Icon Mr. Ratan Tata was impressed and have joined hands with Mr. Arjun Deshpande in his Innovative Pharma Venture “GENERIC AADHAAR” which is uniquely serving the nation.


Which categories of medicines do you sell? And also, how do you manage to keep the cost down?

Saving end customers harden money on Life Saving Drugs. Generic Aadhaar will Definitely help Common man’s monthly budget in this very tough COVID pandemic as have also launched up to 1000 products portfolio in all 14 segments categories of Medicines, which reached 130+ cities of 16+ states in India with mega launching of products around 1000+ Products portfolio of different categories like Cardiology, Anti Diabetic, Nephrology, Neurology, Nutraceuticals, Anti-biotics, Oncology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Gastrologic, Psychotropic & Orthopaedic in just 2years of Span period. Generic Aadhaar Cuts the Middle man and their working ecosystem is different and innovative from other Pharma companies. Medicines are sourced from WHO-GMP certified manufacturers and are approved drug that reduces the cost for the consumers’ and purchase medicines from Generic Aadhaar’s Outlet at very Reasonable Rates.


What are your challenges during the initial days you faced? And how did you push through?

Lack of Awareness that the young mind observes and started from-grounded campaigns to make people aware of generic medicines with an innovative business model of Generic Aadhaar from Health camps to social media posting and various media platforms. Challenges keep us moving and we should face them with all hard work innovation and focus to overcome them. SO I believe if there are no challenges then you’re not on the verge of Success.


What is your vision and mission behind this company? Could you tell us where a person can buy medicines from Generic Aadhaar? Do you offer medicines online? If yes, what is procedure do you follow?

Vision: To bring all Small Medical Stores under one root of Generic Aadhaar brand and help you to earn huge profit margins, Generic Aadhaar will support you to compete with big retail medical stores giants and online Pharmacy and help our citizens to avail good discount on all medicines through Generic Aadhaar stores. 

Mission: To help Single Medical Store grow and rise in the market and get their golden days back with the help of our Brand generic Aadhaar.

To serve Customers by Giving Affordable Quality Healthcare medicine.


Could you please tell us how your network works? And is there any difference in the medicines that are available in the medical stores?

Medicines are unbranded medicines marketed and advertised in the market from different sources and people are fooled due to lack of awareness. So Generic Aadhaar emerged as a budget saver for many families, the underprivileged population of India. 


What are Generic Aadhaar’s future plans? And where do you want to be?

We want to reach every corner and every Indian in future Coming Years. Today we have extended to 130+cities across India, but later we are planning to reach every corner it may be Urban Cities and Rural India, where there is more requirement. We want to be the only brand that never fails to provide Medicines of Different segments in India.


Any secret formula to young entrepreneurs?

Observe the Problem and be the Solution for it. It is the only ‘Secret Formula’ that young minds like me should work on. Be the Innovator be the Change Maker.

Could you describe yourself in one word?

Innovator for Betterment.


Before we conclude the interview, anything you want to say to the Unboxing Startups team?

Doing something good and Inspiring Millions of Followers to get more inspired and motivated by such Entrepreneurial Interviews and knowing their experiences which will definitely help the large audience think out of the box and unbox their ideas of a ‘Startup Business.’


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