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How to Manage Team and Time- A Leaders Short Guidebook

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Managing other people is challenging, and it’s okay to admit that. It requires nursing multiple emotional energies and personalities and caring about yourself. The process is never-ending, and you have to keep learning and polishing your leadership skills. Even people with years of experience and training sometimes struggle.

The best thing is that you do not have to figure it out yourself. There are helpful resources available that can improve your managing skills. One of the most valuable tools is books written by those who have studied and become leaders. We know good leadership requires training, but don’t forget that helpful knowledge is necessary to execute your strategies. 

Read here how to manage team and time– a leader’s short guidebook.

1. Analyze Yourself

The first thing you should consider is to analyze yourself. Everyone isn’t a leader, but anyone can be a leader with practice. It is a skill, and any skill can be learned with time. If you can make decisions or lead from the front in day-to-day life activities, you can be a leader after appropriate training.  

But if you lack self-confidence or like to follow people’s instructions rather than lead from the front, unfortunately, the chances of you taking the lead become slim. However, you can also refer to books, such as The Power of Habit, which nurture your leadership potential. Therefore self-analyzing is important before stepping into something.

2. Wake up early, do not Procrastinate

After analyzing, the second thing that comes is time management, where waking up early is essential. But, first, you have to understand why we are asking you to wake up early. Waking up earlier gives you more time in the morning to be mindful, and gives you additional time to prepare a schedule for the day, exercise, or do whatever else you need to do.

If you want to develop your good leadership skills, you must learn time management from successful people like Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk, and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Yes, they, too, follow the routine of getting up early. For example, Tim Cook said that he wakes at 3.45 am, and he gets enough time to plan and think about his daily tasks, and this routine gives him the flexibility to start work from 8 am.

Elon Musk uses the time-blocking method. Musk intentionally plans his day out in five-minute increments or ‘time blocks.’ Each time block is assigned a specific task or activity. For example, Musk could use the time-blocking method when responding to overdue emails, eating meals, or timing work meetings.

There is no science behind it. However, many researchers found that getting up early allows the mind to rethink and reshape strategies. Also, it gives you a lot more time to plan and start your day accordingly.

You can also refer to Elon Musk’s book: Tesla and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Beyond being a fascinating read on what has made Musk so successful and an influential entrepreneur, this biography gives you a peek into his mind.

3. Set Clear Goals

Before getting into anything, set specific goals, and start work accordingly. Your clarity towards your Efficient Team for Your Business, what they have to do, and what you expect from them.

For example, if you’re driving and don’t know which route to follow, you will suddenly stop the same way, set a goal, and proceed. Otherwise, it’s better to stop and rethink.

Ensure that your team aligns with the goals and deadlines you have set. This way, they can be clear and motivated to work harder and achieve these goals, boosting productivity.

Three Amazing Qualities Every Leader Should Have

Have you ever observed that sometimes your work doesn’t pan out the way you wanted it to? And this is important because here is where you must realize that when things are not going in your favor despite your efforts, maybe it is time for you to use the correct tool to get the job done.

This situation can happen in business as well. A leader in management may have great purposes but may not have the skills and tools to forestall and manage challenges or realize successful outcomes. Having the right qualities in your leadership allows you to fulfill your goals.

1. Decision-Making Capabilities

We make decisions every day. Situations that require a decision, both big and small, can come at us at any point in time. Sometimes, the decision is small and does not impact our daily lives. But, some decisions are major. They will impact our lives and the lives of our employees.

 Experts suggest that utilizing some apps could help improve your decision-making skills. For example, Lumosity or Fit Brains Trainer apps are like a gym for your brain strength. These exercises allow you to work your brain muscles and keep your mind sharp. You may also consider adding other physical activities to improve this critical skill.

2. Be Innovative

“If you’re not evolving, you’re dying” – Marcus Lemonis

That statement holds in real life. The ability to lead innovation and create change allows a company to flourish. Apple is known for its innovation, and it has changed the world because of its consistent drive toward making new, improved, innovative, and unique products.

In reality, innovation is a process of brainstorming, participation, and trial and error. Much like skirmish resolution, you can refine and learn the skills to be innovative. It’s a sensible decision that requires discipline and dedication. Therefore, bring new thoughts or ideas to every decision as it can help you to unlock the new opportunities

3. Strategic Thinking

Chess players know they must outwit their opponent by thinking several moves ahead to win. A chess player must see where they want to move and where their opponent will move well in advance. This ability to think strategically is a skill that business leaders need to have.

By thinking strategically, you can efficiently plan and figure out how you will respond to several situations, including movements in your team, rising concerns, opportunities for advancement, or new competitors entering the market. While every leader has unique qualities, these are some must-have skills for strategic leaders. Overall there should be a Team Spirit at Workplace.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader. Only a good leader can take you to success, no matter how much you put into it. And remember, a leader can transform your effort into success.

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