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How to Launch and Promote a Business Blog? l Unboxing Startups

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We generally read a lot of blogs from various sources, and we get the crucial information and understand the primary objective of the article. However, you set and generally write for entrepreneurs or those interested in business when it comes to the business blog. Writing a blog and promoting a blog are two different things.

If you don’t have a good plan of action for the launch of your blog, things can fall apart during execution. In this article, we will be talking about the blog officially launching and how to start a blog promotion?

Let’s Begin

Here, we’ll take you through a blog promotion checklist.

  1. Pre-Promotion Checklist

Before starting a blog promotion campaign, you need to be assured that the blog is ready for the world to see. But there is also a bitter truth, and not all blog gets the spotlight. The blog became more popular and created a buzz because it had appealed and connected more to the readers.

You have to find out what makes your blog stand out and work towards promoting that.

Let’s see what you should put on your pre-promotion checklist.

  • Figure out whether you need to hire additional freelancers to work

Promoting your blog is no easy job! There are millions of articles that are available on the internet. The biggest question is how your article/blog could be popular or how you could successfully promote on a high level. In fact, it involves a lot of overlapping tasks and resources.

Depending on where you are, that can be anything from doing the campaign yourself to hiring a bunch of freelancers. This option is great if you have other priorities, as launching and promoting a business blog by yourself can be quite the propel. What’s more, you can relatively hire more freelancers at a lower price. And with remote working, you can easily accomplish the goal of promoting your blog.

Our point is, promoting a blog is not an easy fleet, but today, there are multiple ways to promote it successfully without wasting too much time or money. That said, you need to know your blog well, who you’re targeting (audience), and how.

Our next point.

  • Use images & videos (visuals) to complement blog posts.

Media like images and videos make your blog posts more visually appealing and engage more readers. As per the report, readers remember around 66% of visual content versus only 10% of written content; it simply means visuals impact the reader’s mind, and they feel more connected with the information. As a result, they remember your brand.

Visual content can also help drive traffic to your blog. Image alt text alone can help boost your blog SEO — an experiment that saw a 25-30% increase in blog traffic.

  • Make sure you have quality & unique content.

Before you consider how you’ll promote your Business Blog, the basic and significant thing is the quality of your content. No matter how much you promote, if you don’t have a good quality of content, you will fail. Likewise, creating content because your business needs it won’t help you long-term.

Refer to several articles and analyze what you could add to their article. Then, after reading several articles, you can add your own unique points in your own style. Overall, your content should be unique in relation to your brand and the products you’re offering.

Don’t shy away from trends. While every blog needs evergreen content, content based on trends, seasonality, and recent news can keep your brand relevant and blog interesting.

Pro tip: A quick way to produce high-quality content is to check it using content tools thoroughly. Check grammar, plagiarism, sentence structure, etc.

  • Build a connection with your readers.

Promotion doesn’t only mean online promotion. Make real-life connections with readers that could be beneficial for the long term.

First, establish and build a loyal base of readers. Then, you can sprout the base via email and connect with the readers. Then, you can join the community on Quora, and soon you will get your loyal readers. You can count on them because they will be the first to give honest feedback.

2. How to promote your Blog? 

* Repurpose your content.

Content repurposing requires you to re-imagine your top posts into other forms of content. This can be accomplished only if you have a sharp eagle-eye view of what you have published already and what each one offers to your audience.

For example, a blog post can be repurposed by turning/converting it into an infographic, a video for YouTube, or a podcast.

You can also influence your blog post with CTAs (call to action) that motivate your readers to become leads. For instance, you might add an e-book to it for readers to sign up.

Repurposing your content can maximize your blog traffic and provide a better engagement rate.

  • Shape links to your site.

Once you know the ins and outs of your content, you can start building organic links. Organic traffic is preferable because they are consistent. Apart from this, you might have heard that you have to consider link building and insertion if you want to rank on Google.

Building links to your site is one of the best ways to ensure you’re cultivating a good, long-term SEO strategy for your blog.

Of course, there are various ways to build backlinks to your websites. One effective way is guest posting, which we’ll discuss below.

  • Share your blog on social media platforms.

We know you might have heard about social media promotion, which is not new for the entire world. Sharing your blog post on social media will always be one of the best ways to promote your content.

Of course, time is required to get more followers on social media. Overall you need strong back support from your followers who spread positive mouth publicity. First, create a social media official handle and engage and introduce your services and by the time you will observe the growth. Reply to their comment and show how much you are concerned for them. Slowly you will observe the growth and presence of your brand.

Also, try creating a diverse social media content calendar with various engaging posts, and have 3-4 a month drive traffic to a new or relevant blog post—side by side focus on increasing your followers.

  • Guest posts on popular blogs.

Guest posting is one of the oldest and the best marketing techniques around, and it’s still as effective as ever. Never underestimate its potential.

Guest posting requires you to reach out to similar blogs in your niche and then pitch ideas to publish to their blog. This is a win-win for the two parties involved — it provides a high-quality, unique piece of content for the blog host while giving you a backlink to your website.

However, guest blogging isn’t easy and requires a lot of work. Other than sending outreach emails to the bloggers in your niche, you also need to take the time to craft high-quality guest blog posts.

Here you go

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that blog promotion won’t happen overnight. It needs time and patience. It’s like you can’t be a superstar overnight.

You have to craft a strong foundation and make sure your blog is successful in a long time period. Don’t run for quick traffic; consider methods that could hold the traffic, and you will be consistent.

Put these blog promotion tactics to work to grow your reader base and convert more customers.

Keep sharing the quality content.


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