Colco the World’s 1st Audio Centric

Colco the World’s 1st Audio Centric Social Collaboration App Designed Where an Individual Can Sell Their Digital Content

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If you’re an SMBs or an individual, selling digital content, including ebooks, coaching videos, marketing courses, training, etc., is much easier because you can sell your digital content globally. According to a report, the global Digital Content market was valued at $166220 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $207060 million by 2027. So overall, it can be a good option for freelancers who can utilize the opportunity and be a game-changer.

Audio-based social collaboration apps also help find a job in real-time, and apps like Colco, which Abhishek and Niyanta founded, found a unique idea to help job seekers. On another platform like Naukri, Monster, Shine, etc., you need to create a profile and spend a lot of time modifying your profile. But apps like Colco where you can get a job from 50+ countries and get hired in real-time.

As the world is moving towards digitalization, the process of recruitment and selling digital content is changing. We learned from this that if you have a talent, you can sell your product globally, all you need is the right platform, and Colco fills that gap by providing opportunities to job seekers and freelancers at the same time.

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