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Number of stock traders in the world

As per some reports, there are 31.2 million online traders in the world.

How many Demat accounts were opened in India?

Indian investors opened a record 14.2 million new Demat accounts in FY21, nearly three times the figure in the previous fiscal year.

How many people are using the Groww app?

Groww claims it has 10 million+ users, with 250,000 systematic investment plans opened every month on its platform.

About Groww

Groww is an investment platform that offers a new way of investing money with stockbroking and direct mutual funds. The platform provides insights about mutual funds, systematic investment planning, equity-linked savings, and everything from the personal finance world, which helps new investors make investing simple by maintaining a simplified user interface to make investing easy, accessible, transparent, and paperless, enabling users to invest in mutual funds without any hassles.

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