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5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Self-Made Women Entrepreneurs

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Quick Facts:

  • Approximately 252 million women around the world are entrepreneurs, and another 153 million women are operating established businesses, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2018/2019 report.
  • As per various US reports, 12.3 million women own businesses in the US.
  • Kalpana Saroj went to be the first woman entrepreneur in India.
  • Wang Laichun is one of the most successful and influential women entrepreneurs, followed by Oprah Winfrey, Business Connect (a business magazine) reported.

What is the meaning of ‘Self-made’? Do you know, when it comes to self-made success, women entrepreneurs are far ahead than the men entrepreneurs. The self-made title is a badge many entrepreneurs proudly wear. Here in this article, we will discuss about the lessons you can learn from self-made women entrepreneurs.

Who told women they couldn’t be a good business entrepreneur? Oh, come on! In this 21st century, women are more engaging in business and won’t believe in the past ten years; the entrepreneurial waters are getting more crowded day by day. It’s a blessing in the business world, with the rising number of self-made businesswomen, and showing their strong presence and legacy as they move ahead. Let’s applaud the growing female presence, and the information becomes more valuable when we discuss self-made women entrepreneurs.

Today the day is special, and we are feeling proud to share the information about those businesswomen who climb the ladder of success from the base level. And it also becomes special because these women, through their pure determination, hard work, strategy, and some other significant steps, had made them successful businesswomen. And we are lucky that we will know about their vision and learn the lesson from them.

If your eyes are set on success in the business arena, it’s a smart move to pick up the cues from the best – and the fairest – of the world’s famous self-made entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

It will be an interesting article today; kindly read till the end to know the secret formulas behind their success. Let’s find out five valuable lessons:

1. Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Directions

2. You’ll Make Mistakes – Learn from it

3. Learn the lessons from Entrepreneurs instead of just imitating them

4. Find your passion and go after it

5. Believe in what you can do

Let’s Begin:

1. Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Directions

Life is not easy; to become successful, you have to work hard and give your best. You get what you ask; this means if you don’t try to find the path, you can’t reach the destination.

Face it: you’ll never know all there is to be known about business, but not asking for any directions is the easiest way to get lost along the way. Famous female entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey knows just how crucial it is to do industry-related homework in advance and not be ashamed to ask questions and seek help whenever you need it.

If your eyes are on high business results, hard work and research will get you on the right track – but it’s the answers that will keep you on the right and fast lane.

2. You’ll Make Mistakes – Learn from it

If you want to become a successful person in life, try, make mistakes, and bounce back. While trying something, you might make some mistakes, don’t get upset. Stand and learn from it, because mistakes make a person stronger and mature.

One of the best examples would be Sara Blakely, the youngest American self-made female billionaire, she made mistakes, and she grew from them. According to her,” failure is a sign that you’re pushing your limits of your comfort zone and taking risks; thus, errors are an integral component of the path to success.” Mistakes teach us the lessons on how you can tweak business strategy and approach to ensure the best results in the long-run, so make them – and learn from them, too.

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3. Learn the lessons from Entrepreneurs instead of just imitating them

It is human nature to follow idols; we mean you learn the necessary lessons from successful entrepreneurs, don’t try to imitate them. You need to know that you can’t replace anyone’s identification. For example, Bill Gates will always be Bill Gates; no one can replace him- learn the tactics, formulas, and implement a business model in your business to become a successful entrepreneur.

For example- If your idol is Indra Nooyi, the ex-CEO of Pepsi, my advice is don’t try to imitate her. Try to learn the skills and crucial business formulas from her strategies and plans.

Remember, there are two kinds of people, first who dream of being the same as the idol he/she follows. Second, one who wants to be successful by implementing those plans and strategies.

4. Find your passion and go after it

Ambitious people have a passion that sets them apart. They’re fighters and grafters, and they find their way out of often tricky situations.

A road to success is covered in thorns, but a woman like Karren Brady isn’t scared by obstacles, which is why they rise to industry top tiers. When going gets more challenging than usual, it’s the passion for your line of work that will keep you on the right track and heading for outstanding performance metrics at full pace. For this particular reason, the spark is every businesswoman’s best friend: find your passion beyond money or fame, and let it guide you on days when the entrepreneurial waters grow murky.

Stepping into the business shark tank requires courage, passion, constant learning, and skills – but these successful women have proved that success is attainable and worthwhile. We can all learn a lot from them, who know the business love the back of their ladylike hands, so consider the cues listed below and put them to practice in your industry and laurels will hit home soon.

5. Believe in what you can do

For both entrepreneurs, having self-belief was both the essential step and most significant challenge to achieving success.

Diane Hendricks, an American businesswoman, a film producer, and co-founder of building product distributor ABC Supply Co says, does the work you like to do. If you believe you can do this, then do it, do not wait for anything. She further continued and said, “In the beginning, you might find your work to be difficult; if you believe you can do this, then do it. Any plans or strategies are only useful when you believe in yourself, and your effort turns dream into realities”.

Trust in yourself is an essential factor in achieving success in your business, and you can only accomplish it when you believe you can do it.

The list of self-made female billionaires will undoubtedly continue to grow over the next decade. However, more importantly, many more women will build income streams and small businesses to support their lifestyles and provide for their families.

These ladies have shown us what’s possible when we learn the crucial lessons from them and utilize and implement them in your business and strive for excellence. From these lessons, you can reach great heights no matter what. Also, these businesswomen were not born with any privileges yet managed to start their own business from scratch.  Now, they are counted among the richest of the world and in the process, have inspired many.  


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