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5 Useful Business Apps To Make Your Work Life Easier

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We all know a coin has two sides; in the same way, there are two kinds of apps. First, that helps you get things done much faster. The second kind of app distracts you from getting your work done, and you spend, or we can say you waste your time on those apps.

Suppose you’re an entrepreneur or an employee. In that case, there are some helpful business apps you should use to ease the business work and help in communication within the organization. From 2020, we all know the era of remote working is started, and it has become crucial to stay connected with your colleagues during office hours. Therefore in this article, we will list 5 Business Apps To Make Your Work Life Easier. However, with the current situation still, the world is under the tension of COVID-19. Due to this, there is a limitation of direct interactions between people; as a result, our real-life has become a digital life.

Lets Begin

1. Pocket

When you’re in your work mode, and suddenly you see a lot of tweets, videos, images, articles, etc., these things might distract you from your work. Instead of getting distracted, you can file them away in your virtual pocket. This Pocket app saves everything, and you can watch it all in your free time. The app can also download your offline content for offline consumption, and ideally, it gives you the link in case you want to upload anything from social media.

2. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular apps; this app provides seamless communication amongst co-workers and puts everyone in one place. You can make team groups and easily connect with just a tap. Like WhatsApp, you need not scroll down and search for particular groups.

This app is easy to use and saves your time in communication. Overall, this provides all features required to stay in touch with your co-workers.

3. Asana

When you assign multiple tasks, and what if anyone forgets their tasks? This could put you in trouble, right? Now no need to worry; Asana is the solution. It is a project management tool that allows you to assign tasks; you can add collaborators, share notes, files, set the date, and much more. This app encourages you to check the task assigned to you or by you. It makes sure none of the tasks are missed by you. And once you complete the daily task, you can mark it as complete.

When you own a business, you must wear many hats — which often means running from one task to the next with no time to catch your breath.

4. Buffer

If you’re running a business, we are sure your business has a presence on social media. But managing all social media platforms could trouble you, and it also takes a lot of time posting the same content on multiple platforms. Buffer app allows you to manage and schedule posts ahead of the planning time on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter all from one app, fantastic, right?

5. Woven

Woven is one of the best calendar tools that use artificial intelligence to help you keep your commitments straight. The app won the 2019 Appy Award for best productivity app, and it’s easy to see why. Integrated scheduling links use keywords in your email to suggest calendar appointments. In addition, availability polls, appointment templates, transit maps, and advanced time analytics all make scheduling your day faster and more productive than any other calendar tool.

Which One to Choose?

It depends on your needs and your business model; according to that, you can use these apps in your business. In addition, the common things between these apps are the user interface and responsiveness. These are great in these apps, allowing you to communicate much faster and get notified in real-time without any hassle.

In the era of remote working, these are some of the best business productivity apps you should definitely try in your business and co-working space.

Thank you for reading and staying with us till the last.

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