entrepreneurship skills to learn from your mom

5 Entrepreneurship Skills to Learn From Your Mom

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In our previous article, we had already covered ‘What Makes Women a Better Decision-Maker in a Company?’ In this article, we will be covering entrepreneurship skills to learn from your mom. Although we all know females have some unique qualities that can’t be found in men, we can say it’s a god-given talent. So, whether your mom is a homemaker or a working woman, we all can learn entrepreneurship skills from her.

Recent studies by the Kauffman Foundation and the Dow Jones company have shown that venture-backed companies led by a woman typically produce higher revenues by 12% and launch on a third less capital. Additionally, women-led companies are more resilient to financial and market crises than their male counterparts.

From a mother, we learn something new every day and see the spirit of never giving up. Business doesn’t only mean big offices, IT parks, casual clothes, meetings, etc. Entrepreneurship skills could be learned from observation and learning.

What can we learn from mothers and could implement in our business?

  • Never Giving Up

  • Multitasking and Time Management

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Prioritizing

  • Persistence & Patience

These are real-life skills that we can learn, and these are not bookish examples. We at Unboxingstartups believe that whatever we deliver should be implemented in real-life situations.

1. Never Giving Up

Never giving up should be in your DNA if you’re thinking about being an entrepreneur. You might have observed how your mother deals with common day-to-day problems. Still, she never gave up, whether your mother is a homemaker or businesswoman, whatever challenges they face at home or the office. If your mother is a businesswoman, you might have observed how she handled the situation and succeeded. These minor observations and understandings will make you a better person, and, of course, it will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills.

2. Multitasking and Time Management

Mothers are the ultimate multitaskers. Task prioritization is an essential skill that moms have mastered and managed to make accessible – I am constantly amazed at their inherent ability to keep up with a busy schedule. My mother has always had a full-time job and a side hustle while managing to keep our household running. She was competent, which was due to her unparalleled time management skills. One of the first things you learn in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship is the importance of multitasking and prioritizing tasks to optimize your time.

3. Negotiation Skills

Do you think it’s hard selling your solution to a potential customer or negotiating a deal? Try selling vegetables to a stubborn five-year-old! If you have kids, you must already be a great negotiator. Closing deals is a piece of cake for you. This particular skill help when you’re dealing with your clients.

4. Prioritizing

Our mothers have many demands on them, and they learn to prioritize them efficiently. They quickly separate what’s most important from what’s not necessary and put all their energy into what they consider essential. By constantly focusing on what’s most pressing and spending all their valuable time working on those things, moms provide a necessary lesson for anyone wanting to be a great leader.

5. Persistence & Patience

Well, whether it was getting us dressed for school, teaching us how to tie our shoelaces, or making sure we catch our school bus on time, our mothers were always persistent and patient in their actions to achieve the goal they wanted – making us independent and resourceful. In a startup, persistence is the key to achieving your goals, especially when you try multiple solutions that may not give immediate results.No one teaches this better than mom!


With the above information, our motive was to teach some entrepreneurial skills you can learn from your mother. Also, the number of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India is rising, which is a good sign for businesses.

We hope what you learn from a mother can help more entrepreneurs find the courage to go out and succeed.


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