Arterys Became The World's First Internet Platform For Medical Imaging

San Francisco Based Startup ‘Arterys’ Became The World’s First Internet Platform For Medical Imaging

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Founded: 2007

CEO: Fabien Beckers

Headquarter: San Francisco, USA

Early detection through a CT scan can be the difference between life and death for lung cancer patients, improving the five-year survival rate from 16% to 56%. Radiology specialists, however, are in short supply and often overworked, leading to waiting lists and errors. Last February, San Francisco–based Arterys got FDA clearance to market a first-of-its-kind, AI-as-a-service software to help doctors quickly detect, measure, and track tumors and lesions in CT scans of the lungs and in MRI and CT scans of the liver. The technology builds upon what the company learned from Cardio AI, the first cloud-based AI platform ever approved by the FDA for diagnosing heart problems, which debuted a year earlier. By automating image-analysis tasks that radiologists typically perform manually, Cardio AI reduced evaluation time from 30 minutes to 15 seconds.

CEO Fabien Beckers, who co-founded the company in 2011, expects similar efficiency gains with lung and liver scans, and the company is developing additional products, including one for breast scans. Arterys is cleared to operate in nearly 100 countries, and in August scored a five-year deal with a major French hospital system to deploy its AI platform. It’s currently used in 100 hospitals worldwide. “We’re not replacing humans,” says Beckers. “We’re giving them more information to make a more accurate diagnosis, and letting the system do manual tasks so they can [focus more] on the patient and their experience.”

The Arterys platform is 100% web-based, AI-powered, and FDA-cleared, unlocking simple clinical solutions.
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