'Truepic' Is Combating Faux Social Media Accounts And Doctored Photos

San Diego Based Startup ‘Truepic’ Is Combating Faux Social Media Accounts And Doctored Photos

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Founded: 2015

Founder: Craig Stack

Headquarter: San Diego, USA

Truepic is the trust authority for visual media. Their mission is to speed up business, foster healthy civil societies, and push back against disinformation. They do this by bolstering the value of authentic photos and videos while leading the fight against deceptive ones. Truepic pioneered “controlled capture” technology for a new breed of visual media: photos and videos with the verifiable origin, contents, and metadata. For traditional photos and videos, Truepic uses industry-leading image forensics to help customers evaluate their trustworthiness. Their promise is simple, yet profound: photos and videos you can trust.

Truepic can recognize whether a photo or video has been manipulated, and says its software can be used to fight the rising problem of “deep fake” videos made with artificial intelligence, or AI. Equally intriguing, however, is Truepic’s ability to certify when images and videos are authentic — a powerful tool for citizen journalists and news organizations, along with businesses worldwide.

Users can export a verified and watermarked version of the image, with the Truepic stamp signalling to others that the photo can be trusted. A six-digit code is tied to the image URL, so viewers can double-check what they see with the verified image on the Truepic server (this prevents scammers from duplicating Truepic’s watermark).



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