Soundsuit Digital Music Assistant Create Playlist

Munich Based Startup ‘Soundsuit’ Digital Music Assistant Create Playlist For Office, Gym, And Events To Engage Customers

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  • Industry: Software and SaaS
  • Funding: Bootstrapped
  • Investors: N/A
  • Headquarter: Munich, Germany

Creating a new playlist for your restaurant, office, gym, and events can be a difficult task. Soundsuit lets you creating one without any issues. The Soundsuit application asks you for your favorite music, your event’s theme, and gets the job done for you. With Soundsuit smart assistant, you can easily create the perfect playlist in just a few clicks.

In building a product that works multiple devices, and eliminates the laborious playlist management work, Soundsuit empowers business owners to control their in-store music atmosphere, effortlessly, at any time and from anywhere. Their users range from individuals to mid-sized businesses, and even larger companies like LVMH, Nestlé, Lexus, IQOS, BoConcept and Best Western. Soundsuit works in partnership with the world’s most influential journalists, DJs and curators. Daily they carefully select tracks that truly inspire and engage the guests.

These kinds of startups plays an important role in motivating people, and it makes our work easy to categorize songs as per mood and situation. It will be interesting to see more startups are putting their shoes into this business in the coming days.


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