‘ManyChat’ Helps Businesses do Marketing, Sales and Support Through Facebook Messenger

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In a recent survey, 76% of US customers get influenced by the brand they see on social media. Instagram automation is the new trend, where a business can reply instantly with the help of a chatbot.

Why should Businesses consider Automation?

If you want to grow your brand, it is important to show your presence on social media platforms. The second thing that comes is the response; if a user messages you about the product, you should instantly respond. Again, the role of automation comes here; through chatbot, you instantly respond to your customer at ease.

About ‘ManyChat’

ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales, and support through Facebook Messenger. For example, it helps businesses create a chatbot in 5 minutes without coding.

ManyChat powers over 100’000 bots on Facebook Messenger and is the leader in the messenger marketing space. The company makes it easy to grow the Messenger audience by providing a complete set of tools to convert anyone into a subscriber.

As a reader in the future if you plan to be an entrepreneur you can opt for this technology in your social media marketing strategy.

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