London Based Fintech Startup ‘Hastee’ Allows Workers To Receive Portion Of Their Earned Pay Immediately

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  • Industry: FinTech
  • Funding: $600K
  • Investors: Fulgur Ventures
  • Headquarter: London, England

Hastee is an app that features employee benefits allowing employers to take a portion of their earned pay, on-demand. It promotes financial wellbeing and allows employees to have more liberty in using their salary as per their needs while earning investments on it.

The Hastee app allows workers to immediately access up to 50 percent of their earned pay at any point during a month with the goal of “bringing financial freedom to workers across the UK.” There is no interest and no possibility of getting into a negative financial spiral with Hastee, as the balance is settled in every month’s payroll. It is further complemented by an extensive financial education hub.

Hastee is on a mission to solve the nation’s reliance on high-cost credit, most notably payday loans, credit cards and overdrafts, by providing fairness and financial freedom to workers.



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