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5 Ways Women Can Thrive In The Event Management Industry

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Even though most industries today have essentially evolved to level the playing field for both genders, a certain bias against women still exists. Society always requires them to prove their capabilities as successful professionals. And given the fact that the event management industry is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, it would take a lot more for women to carve out a position in the event sector.

As you might already know, event planning is a demanding job. It requires individuals to have a strong skill set and flexibility for making the event successful within a limited time—from booking a venue to creating the entire program. And while there isn’t a set formula for success in the event management world, there are a few practical strategies that can help women reach the profession’s pinnacle. Here are some of them:

1. Invest In Your Best Self.

The first thing you can do as a woman to thrive in the event management industry is to invest in your best self. Only then can you be able to be present a the moment, managing on-the-ground actions in real-time, from ideating and visualizing decor and floor space to organizing attendees’ lists and logistics. Also, only when in your best self can you be able to be creative, stay calm, and work well under pressure, thinking of solutions when things don’t go as planned.

But how can you be your best self? You may ask.

Well, you must go through a process of exploration—know what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Learn from every event you’ve organized or been through. It’s essential to connect with yourself and define or redefine your priorities. Once you figure out what you need to be whole, you’ll be able to nudge yourself in the right direction.

2. Walk The Talk And Be Authentic.

Having all the necessary abilities and knowledge in the event management industry is not enough. You must also be able to display these abilities and dress the role. Event administration is all about networking, and your behavior will speak volumes about your company. Thus it’s crucial to use it to your advantage. Stay abreast of news and emerging event management trends so you know what strategies to use for every event you organize.

Besides technical expertise, being authentic will also help you thrive in the industry. This involves living by your core beliefs and allowing them to guide your actions. But remember to build consistency early on as you advance in leadership. It will become second nature to return to those principles when confronted with situations challenging your identity and everything you care about.

3. Cultivate Courage.

Courage isn’t always about doing things on your own. Admitting you don’t have all the answers and asking for help is also courageous. After all, the team isn’t called a team, only for the leader to do everything independently. It would help if you committed to working with your team collectively. It’s the only way for you to create more successful events in the future.

The other benefit of modeling vulnerability—sharing all your successes, challenges, and principles you believe can empower your team. You establish a connection that goes beyond the employer-employee relationship, building fellowship and turning your team into a family.

4. Foster Resilience.

Just like the energy we have in the morning is different every day, not all events we organize will succeed. We’ll face various problems and challenges along the way. But what will matter is us doing everything to come up with a solution and bounce back. And that’s what resilience is all about.

As a leader, we have to actively anticipate and prepare for difficulties, as well as take the necessary actions to help us recover from them. Because resilience is the ability to transform a crisis into an opportunity, women leaders must cultivate it as they face workplace obstacles.

5. Mobilize Your Networks.

You must know that the event management industry requires networking capabilities. You should be able to put and market yourself out there to thrive. You must bring in at least three leads for each business conference or event you attend. Additionally, share information about your company with your peers and on social media to raise awareness of your expertise and previous initiatives.

Once you get leads and be able to work with them, you must stay in close contact. Those venue coordinators, vendors, and suppliers you connect with will be there for you when you need them. But besides them, you must also keep volunteers and old co-workers close by as well. Mobilize your vast social network to swiftly and easily create efficient employee and volunteer teams.

Final Thoughts

As they say, “behind every successful woman is herself.” Thus, if you want to thrive in one of the most stress-inducing industries, event management, you must be ready to face everything that comes along with it. And we hope that our blog helps you make your name in this man’s world.



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