Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

5 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

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Are you wasting time during your workday? Use these productivity tips mentioned in this article to improve your workflow and get more work done.

Entrepreneurs are meant to be super conservative about spending two things – money and time. Since entrepreneurs have to wear multiple hats and if you are the owner of the MSMEs then things go a bit tough. There are many challenges entrepreneurs face on daily basis. Patience plays an important role in every task and it also helps its decision making but we are not going to talk about patience, we will talk about some effective productivity hacks for entrepreneurs if you follow you will be a master in productivity.

For an entrepreneur, a typical day could be filled with a few meetings, hundreds of emails, and overall the entire struggle of managing a company. There are tons of productivity management software like Trello and Asana out there. Despite a long list of tools, time management seems no easier for entrepreneurs. Do we really have to be so busy?

If you’ve never measured the ROI of time spent on activities, below are one of the best productivity hacks to get you doing faster and maximize work

1. Hold the key components of productivity

Productivity tips and tricks can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time. However, the best solutions aren’t quick fixes. Instead, they involve changing habits so you can work efficiently. Start by outlining your daily objectives, which helps you concentrate on accomplishing goals. Carve out time for your work and avoid the temptation to handle an unrelated quick task. Remember to take a uniform approach so your productivity hacks turn into habits.

2. Nudge yourself in the right direction

Humans have rational and intuitive thinking systems. The instinctive function is more automated, meaning the person relies on past experiences and expertise to complete the task. Research suggests that the environment and “cueing and priming the existing processes” play a significant role. Therefore, making a small change to how you do something or the choices available can boost productivity.

3. Group and collect identical tasks together

Joel Falconer, managing editor at SitePoint with Lifehack suggests grouping tasks strategically throughout your day. This is because our minds function differently when creating versus processing data. For instance, if you’re working on marketing, don’t try to jump from brainstorming your content marketing calendar or campaign headlines into analyzing metrics. Put like-minded tasks together and take a break before heading in a different direction.

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4. Get the timing right

As you define the purpose of the task, you also need to define the timing of a task. Scheduling meetings or tasks that could help your company six to eight months later is not wise when the viability of your company at the end of three months is unclear. As you define tasks, ask yourself “is this task required now?” or “does this task help in accomplishing any of our objectives in the next three months?” If the answer is no, it is a clear signal to eliminate such tasks or meetings.

5. Define your boundaries clearly

Interruptions (and the underlying feeling that you’re missing something) decrease focus and affect performance. Put up a “do not disturb” sign literally and figuratively by creating boundaries. First, think about the different distractions affecting work time. If you’re at home, pets or family members may think you’re readily available, requiring specific work-from-home time management skills. Likewise, customers or co-workers may believe you are reachable instantly at their whim.

Although entrepreneurs should be responsive, non-emergencies don’t require a reply in less than 30 minutes. If you use a business phone or unified communications system, set your status to busy or do not disturb for 15-30 minutes at a time. Set automatic reply via text, chat, or voice this will let them know that you will get them back shortly.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneur life is tough and they manage multiple things at the same time we all know small companies’ success rate is comparatively low when compared with big budget companies. Therefore it becomes important to find a productivity hack for entrepreneurs.

Lastly, we would suggest you read these productivity hacks, we are sure they will help you maintain your productivity.


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