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4 Successful Remote Working Businesses That Covered the Way for Modern Startups

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Remote work is becoming more and more popular in the short term because of the global health crisis due to COVID-19. But it has also given an additional scope about accepting the value of remote work. Operating remotely, organizations can save money, access a bigger scope of talent, and look more attractive in job seekers’ eyes. However, it does come with some drawbacks, including a less cohesive brand culture and more challenging communication. But that can be adjusted when you are getting a lot more than the expectation. 

To apprehensive entrepreneurs and traditional team leaders, operating fully remotely is like a horror story. But at the same time, various companies are working and have set an example using a truly remote model. What is it that led them to Sureshot success? And can you implement their approach for your own business? Think… any guess? Do not worry; Unboxingstartups will tell you everything in detail.

This article will try to solve all the puzzles going on in your mind. Nevertheless, kindly read until the end because we bring you all the information that might help you to know about remote business.

We know you are getting excited to know all the details but wait to have a coffee cup, relax, and sit back. Let’s have a look at some of the most notable examples of successful businesses that have operated entirely remotely:


1. Automattic

One of the most commonly quoted names in the world of remote working companies is Automattic, and it is also a parent company of WordPress — one of the most popular blog and website creation tools in the world. WordPress, which is now used by approximately 30 percent of all websites, was created with a virtual workspace. 

Now the question is, what made it so successful? To be true, the answer lies with its communication philosophy. The majority of the companies that go fully remote turn meetings into video conferences and rely more heavily on email and official chats but ‘Automattic’ takes things a step further. It has wholly re-optimized its communication systems with multiple channels, including social media, for public communication and express their opinions. On the other hand, Automattic engages employees and connects with shared activities, like coloring, book clubs, virtual dog park, and many more.

Sounds interesting, right?


2. InVision

InVision is a prototyping and product design app used by approximately more than three million designers, but the extraordinary thing is that the company operates with a distributed team across 25 different countries. What made the company so successful is its vigorous investment in its employees. The company offers employees an inclusive medical insurance package and gym memberships that keep employees healthy and give them a platform to socialize. 

It shows that the company focuses on giving every employee a platform where they can be mentally and physically fit, extracting the company’s best performance.

Additionally, employees can enjoy a good salary, substantial equipment allowances, and a big budget for travel expenses.

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3. Mozilla

Best known as the Firefox browser creator, Mozilla is a company with a great talent pool and an ongoing commitment to developing great products. It’s kind of cheating to put it on this list where we are talking about remote working, but more than half its workforce has been remote for the past many years. As with many of the companies on this list, various factors are responsible for its great success, but one of the most striking is its importance on the brand’s core values and work transparency. Mozilla coordinates its teams by setting strict company policies and encouraging all its employees to live and thrive in the same brand culture.


4. Aha!

Aha! is one of the companies that has been into remote work since day one. They’ve believed in remote work, seized its culture with both hands, held its essence, and squeezed every delicious drop of opportunity possible. As a result, Aha! and its talented team has primarily benefited.

The company has been a leader in the remote space on many fronts, often sharing their principles and frameworks for success, most notably The Responsive Method — which has benefited not only employees but also customers. Aha! is organized by functional groups. 

Note- Unboxingstartups is an independent company, the selection of these companies is based on our research, and therefore we are highly dedicated to giving the best information possible. 


Final Wrap up!

We are sure there might be some other success factors we didn’t discuss here, but we are sure what we discussed in the blog is one of the best information you deserve. 

Many of these businesses are majorly tech companies, making them better composed to operate remotely than a fitness center. They also have big business models that could have made them a success regardless of whether they had a remote workforce.

But looking beyond these extra factors, there are many lessons an upcoming entrepreneur can learn and implement. When you give your employees more flexibility and facility, the tools they need to communicate effectively, you access them to do their best work, even when they’re working outside the orthodox office. Take crucial lessons from these remote working companies, and consider applying them to your startup.

Thank you for reading till the end; hope we have clarified your doubts. See you all again in the next blog with some new exciting information.

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