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4 Essential Article Rewriting Tools for Content Entrepreneurs

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As a new writer sometimes, it is very difficult to write all the original content by yourself. Because it is very time taking and many of you start looking for shortcuts. 

In the sense of shortcuts, many new writers start coping with the content of other writers and make their content plagiarized. Plagiarism means stealing someone’s text as your own without giving them credit. But here is the problem plagiarized content can never be acceptable.

However, you just don’t need to worry because there is always a way when all other ways are closed. The Internet provides us so many rewriter or paraphrasing tools that help writers to make their content unique and plagiarism free.

These rewriter tools help to rewrite the content without changing its original meaning. But the other problem is that there are so many rewriter tools available in the digital market. This gives a difficult task to the writers to choose the best one.

As we already know that every problem in this world has a solution. So, your solution for finding the best rewriter tools is in this article.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best and free rewriter tools that may help you in your writing to write unique, original, and engaging content.

What are Article rewriter tools?

As a content writer sometimes, it is very tough to write the whole content on your own because of course it is very time taking and requires a lot of attention and innovation from you.

There are so many article rewriter tools available in the digital market that help a lot in rewriting the content without facing the problem of plagiarism and without changing the original meaning of the content.

Through these rewriter tools, writers can as well reuse their existing content in some new ways without investing so much time and effort.

These article rewriter tools are really user-friendly and very easy to use. Content Entrepreneurs can as well rewrite their articles manually and also with online tools.

Manually rewriting VS AI rewriting tools

The technique of rewriting the content to make it more flexible, unique, and plagiarism-free helps a lot the writers. This technique is used to change the content into simpler ways without changing its original meanings.

Writers can use this technique of rewriting manually and as well with the help of AI technology-based tools. Rewriting the article manually is far more difficult because it is very time taking and as well human mind support a very bounded stock of vocabulary.

However, Artificial Intelligence-based rewriting tools make it very simple and easy for the writers to rewrite a lengthy article in just a few seconds.

These AI-based tools help to rewrite the content with suitable sentence structure, synonyms, and phrases without changing the actual meaning of the content.

Article Rewriting Tools for Content Entrepreneurs

There are some essential rewriting tools for content entrepreneurs that may help them in writing authentic and plagiarism-free content.

1. Article Rewriter –

Prepostseo article rewriter is one of the efficient and useful tools for new entrepreneurs to write authentic content without investing much time and effort.

This tool rewrites the content in new expressing ways while maintaining the original meaning and the quality of the content. It replaces words with good synonyms, sentence structure, and sometimes the whole paragraph to make it more unique.

Users can directly upload the file from personal computers it also supports different formats such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, drive, etc. This tool as well supports almost 15 languages.

Prepostseo article rewriting tool is user-friendly and free of cost. Any writer can access it easily without any complex installations. It is a web-based tool.


  • Completely free to use. Anyone can access it easily.


  • User friendly
  • Support multiple languages
  • No limit on rewriting 
  • 100% secure 
  • Update every word and grammar rule


  • Can use only with an internet connection

2. Article Rewriter –

Plagiarismremover article rewriter tool is based on AI technology and uses the very latest feature to provide the rewriting facility to the user.

It is a web-based and free-of-cost rewriting tool. It does not require a lot of time. It is very time efficient rather than manually rewriting. 

Users can copy and paste the content for rewriting and also can directly upload it from the computer. This tool provides multiple format options to rewrite the text such as .txt, .docx, dropbox, etc.

After performing the text this tool provides 100% secure and plagiarism-free content. Privacy is the priority of this tool. This tool also supports multiple languages.


  • This tool is 100% free of cost


  • Maintain the quality of the rewritten article
  • User friendly with a simple and easy interface 
  • Available on windows and mobile devices
  • Support multiple languages


  • Sometimes requires manually reviewing   

 3. Article Rewriter – 

Spinbot is one of the most used rewritten tools nowadays. This tool helps to rewrite the content in new creative ways without affecting the actual meaning of the content.

It provides fresh, human-readable, and engaging content which is also supported by the Search Engine Optimization and suits the SEO rules.

Spinbot provides a user-friendly interface and is easily accessible to any user. The user only has to copy-paste and upload the file for using this tool to rewrite the content within some seconds.


  • $10 / month (for no ads)
  • $50 / 6 months (for unlimited spins)
  • $75 / 12 month (for no captcha)


  • User friendly
  • Easy to access
  • Support multiple languages
  • Create unique content
  • Support 10,000 words


  • Paid subscriptions to remove ads and captcha

4. Article Rewriter –

Rephrase article rewriter tool based on AI technology which provides authentic and easy content after the execution. This tool uses advanced AI algorithms in the background to provide fresh and plagiarism-free content.

This tool is easy to use and understand. It does not require any login and sign-up form. Any newcomer and user can easily access and use it without any complexities.

Rephrase rewriter tool provides high-quality and engaging content which is not only easy to understand for humans but also easy to understand for Google.

This tool provides SEO-friendly content as we know, SEO support original, unique and engaging content. It removes plagiarism and duplication from the content to make it more worthy and useful.

It provides the facility of creative and simple mode. The simple mode is free of cost but the creative mode requires some subscriptions.


  • $20 / monthly plan (for the 1500-word count with no ads)
  • $150 / yearly plan (for the 1500-word count with no ads)


  • Provides interactive content
  • SEO friendly
  • Maintain the quality of the content
  • Also removes plagiarism and grammar mistakes
  • Support 50+ languages


  • Only support 1000 word count freely
  • Subscription method for creative mode


As writers sometimes it feels very tough to write an article because it is very time-consuming and always requires new ideas and effort.

For this problem, the internet provides so many articles rewriting tools to generate unique and authentic content without investing much time.

These article rewriting tools use to rewrite the content in new ways without changing their actual meanings. 

In this article, we have discussed some of the best and most user-friendly rewriting tools that may help the new content entrepreneur to write unique and attractive content.

Read all above the points to select the best rewriting tool for your content.


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