Workstream is an Automated Hiring Platform for Companies Employing Hourly Workers

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Workstream hopes to bring hiring into the modern era using text, automation, and the latest technology.

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding hourly employees effectively and efficiently have always been a challenge for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Workstream wants to streamline the entire process to maximize efficiency and allow business owners to focus solely on maximizing their customer’s dining experience.

Using digital automation and directly texting applicants, Workstream reduces the time and resources needed for the hiring process and sharply raises the conversion rate of the applicant to employee.

Regular engagement through Workstream also helps businesses interact and hire a growing population of transient workers in the ever-shifting gig economy.

The recruitment startup company said it plans to double its staff to better cope with a surge in demand for hourly workers and make further investments in product development. Recruitment efforts will be focused on marketing, sales, and tech.

Instead of spending much more energy, time, and funds to identify and hire suitable hourly-paid workers, Workstream’s platform makes the entire recruitment process quick and efficient. Workstream says that its platform can save 70% of a manager’s time on hiring.

As per the report, the average time-to-hire across all industries is 3-4 weeks. On average, recruiters are spending ⅔ of their overall hiring time on the interview process. 67% of respondents say it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to schedule a single interview.


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