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US Based Startup ‘A Cloud Guru’ is a Social Learning Platform for People Interested in Information Technology.

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Founded: 2015

Headquarters location: Austin, Texas, United States

Subsidiary: Linux Academy, Inc.

Founders: Ant Stanley, Ryan Kroonenburg, Sam Kroonenburg

A Cloud Guru leads the world in cloud computing training with Amazon, Google, and Azure. Their online platform offers courses to prepare engineers to take certification exams for the three major cloud providers. ACG enables professionals to learn on their time and at their own pace.

Online training developer, A Cloud Guru, helps individuals — ranging from students to techies to small business employees — develop and strengthen their cloud skills. The company’s courses emphasize a “learning by doing approach,” and its new Hands-On Labs feature puts learners in “real-world cloud environments” to hone their abilities. Since its founding, the company has taught 2 million people, with 800,000 signing up within the last year.

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