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Swiss Startup ‘Eyeware Tech’ The Future Of Eye Wear Is Here

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  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: Undisclosed
  • Investors: High Tech Grunderfords

Eyeware Tech is a revolutionary startup in the camera tracking and recognition industry. It monitors a person’s gaze and ascertains the motive. The software is developed to cater to real-world issues such as security, buyer choice, human intentions, etc.  It uses patent-pending computer vision algorithms to increase human-machine engagement.

Eyeware develops technology for understanding human attention in 3D environments with direct applications in multiple industries, including gaming, robotics, research, advertising, and more. They can accurately detect where a person is looking at and analyze attention to objects and generate dynamic content or control interfaces with eye-gaze. The technology is unique and patent-pending, and it opens new markets where Eyeware can position itself as a leading innovator.

In coming years, we can expect more from some other leading brand in the industry, and of course, the technology will be more refined in the next few years.

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