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Startups: Expectations vs. Reality in 2024

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Entrepreneurship is often romanticized. Many of us imagine doing what we love, and becoming our bosses can be attractive. In reality, you need to work hard, respect your limits, take risks, learn new skills, and overcome numerous challenges before you can build a successful and sustainable venture.

There are widespread assumptions among aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs about what it takes to build a successful new company. Unfortunately, a majority of those expectations are wrong.

Here are a few expectations and realities for startups in 2024.


Your new idea will appeal

Startup life is filled with enthusiasts and the expectation is always that your new idea will appeal to the target audience. Creative ideas are always a welcome change to the target audience and this is what makes people have the expectation that any idea will automatically appeal.


Startups work when you do your homework 

All entrepreneurs must understand that a startup will only achieve its target as and when you do your homework which will align your capacity to achieve with your objectives.


Startups are easy to manage 

It is harder to start a business than run a multi-million corporation since you are setting the infrastructure right from scratch. Entrepreneurs are always of the idea that startups are easy to manage due to the foundational elements and systemic progress.


Not every startup is tuned for success

During the startup phase, you have to identify that not every business is tuned for success and that the reality remains that many will fail and will never reach the desired heights.  Startups expectations vs reality draw a fine line but draw a huge gap.


I have a great idea and I know it will work

Several ideas often don’t make it to the table due to the under-confidence of a person in his/her idea. Contrarily, many other ideas that do make it to the top may do so momentarily and eventually tank.


It will get worse before it gets better 

The reality is that with startups, it always gets worse before it gets better and this is a fact that has to be internalized if the business is to stand the test of time.


Investors will be your buddies 

Investors only understand one language and that is increasing revenue and maximizing money-making avenues. They will not understand any business decisions that don’t result in the business making money and they will not be your buddies.


Money doesn’t have emotions

Investors will only invest in your business if you have a great vision. No investors will invest in your startup because you’re their friend or buddy. In the professional world investment matters and where they invest matters the most. They aim to make money from money.


Money and more money

When to plan to start your startup you might be thinking of earning more money. You start calculating the profit and get a good vibe by calculating your profit. And start dreaming to be a millionaire in a short time.


Financial crunches start

When you step into a business you immediately realize that the reality is 360 degrees different from what you were thinking previously. You start struggling with the cash and you start looking for investors.


Social media will make you trend 

It may achieve that goal initially but the fact remains that without a product or service that the target market finds valuable and worthy, you are doomed to fail. Startups expect that social media campaigns will make the business trendy.


You have to solve a problem 

There has to be a real need you are addressing if your startup is to see the light of day and achieve the growth needed to become a powerhouse within a select niche or industry.

Final Wrap

No matter how successful you’re, we would love to compliment every entrepreneur that you took the risk and decided to launch their startup. Success and failure are the two sides of a coin.

Coming to the point, when you start a startup don’t keep your expectations and we would recommend you go with the flow.


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