Eligma Create Payment Infrastructures Accepting Instant Crypto Payment

Slovenian Startup ‘Eligma’ Create Payment Infrastructures For Accepting Instant Crypto Payments At Local And Online Stores

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  • Industry: Blockchain
  • Funding: $17.4M
  • Investors: Bitcoin.com
  • Headquarter: Slovenia

Eligma is the new revolution in the blockchain and bitcoin sector. Have you ever thought about how you can use a cryptocurrency that isn’t driven by public demand? That’s where Eligma comes in. It is setting new standards for bitcoin in particular and blockchain in general. It is also the power behind Slovenia’s latest Bitcoin City project. The startup aims to use blockchain technology to establish communication standards for crypto payment networks.

Founded in 2017, Eligma creates payment infrastructures for accepting instant crypto payments at local and online stores, through its crypto payment network called Go Crypto. The company’s aim is to become a global facilitator of seamless and secure crypto payments and wants to make an impact on how the world perceives value.

This approach has made it possible for Eligma to connect with the largest processors in the world and, through partnerships, offer a unique combined solution of processing any payments (card payments, other digital payments and of course crypto payments). Their goal now is to revolutionise the payment experience in offline retail, where any additional hardware will no longer be required.

The startup goes on to explain that this new holistic technology is hoped to bring the world of payments to a whole new level, where shoppers will be able to use diverse fast (and often contactless) payment methods, and where merchants can benefit from a smooth and effortless sales process regardless of how the customer selects to pay, using an all-in-one solution.



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