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Singapore Startup ‘EcoWorth Tech’ Developed A Sponge that Can Absorb Impurities From Water

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Singapore-based startup EcoWorth Tech has developed a technology for the sustainable treatment of wastewater. It provides a breakthrough solution for removing and recuperating organic contaminants from Industrial and Oil & Gas wastewater. The technology integrates seamlessly into the latest water remediation processes in a highly cost-efficient manner. Additionally, EcoWorth Tech uses biomass waste to produce carbon fiber aerogel technology providing environmental benefits and waste-to-worth opportunities.

The world is facing a huge crisis of getting freshwater; as per researchers, by 2035, half of the world population will struggle to get fresh water for drinking. The startup innovation is one of example of recycling water and made it adequate for drinking. The startup set a new benchmark for others to join the movement work for the process. If not, then we can say the next world war will be in the next fifteen years, and the reason will be “WATER.”


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