Seattle Based Startup ‘Porch’ A Mobile Platform That Solves Home Repair Services

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  • Industry: Mobile Apps
  • Funding: $464.6K
  • Investors: Antler

Now calling your local plumber, electrician, maid, or carpenter is as simple as clicking a button – thanks to Porch – a new startup.  It provides a mobile platform that users can use to call home repair services. The best part? All of these are freelancers. This means you can get a plumber from your area who offers the lowest rates. Once the work is done, you can also rate the repair service, guys. The ratings will be helpful for others in assessing and acquiring the services of those individuals. Porch is transforming the way home services are consumed throughout the Nordic countries.

Porch combines a lot of features that you’d find on several different sites. You’ll find ideas and photos for home improvement, similar to what Pinterest provides. You can find the history of the work done at home, similar to the history you’d see on a real estate site, such as a Zillow profile (in fact, Porch even had a partnership with Realtor.com to provide insight into the history of a home – however, the tool never gained traction). There’s even a social function, tapping into some of the successes of social media giants.

Porch charges contractors for the type of work that they want to do and the zip codes they’d like to do it in. If a contractor wanted to build decks in a high-income zip code, they could advertise themselves that way. If an HVAC contractor wants to market new installs for new houses, they can set that up as well. Porch has a pricing model for each service and zip code.

This kind of startup is required in every city, where people search for home repairs and startups like Porch hit at the right spot.



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