Meet the Robot that Re-invented In-store Promotions

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Tokinomo “Moves Products” With Motion and Sound.

Conventional promotional campaigns in retail revolve around price cuts and discounts, leading to an eroded market position and reduced bottom line.

Tokinomo campaigns are different because they promote sales through engagement rather than price cutting. In fact, some Tokinomo clients even increase their prices during the campaign and still see sales increases of over 100%.

On average, Tokinomo campaigns lift sales by over 200%, while conventional campaigns like discounts, in-store television, and static displays only reach 20%.

A game-changer in trade marketing.

Out with the old, in with the new! FMCG brands and grocery retailers have a new ace up their sleeves. Tokinomo is a shelf advertising solution that uses advanced technology to interact with shoppers in real-time. Finally, you can use storytelling to attract customers and generate engagement right at the point of sale.

Post COVID-19, we can see the change in the market, and slowly the market is rising, but it won’t be the same as before. Therefore, in-store promotions like Tokinomo can be a game-changer for brands.

We believe the Pandemic changed consumer behavior. Adapt to the new normal by using modern retail technology!

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