Rapido Bike Taxi - India's largest bike taxi app

Meet ‘Rapido’ India’s First Bike Taxi App Based in Bengaluru

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Founded in – 2015

Headquarter- Bengaluru, India

Founders- Pavan Guntupalli, Rishikesh SR, Aravind Sanka

Rapido is a platform where people can book a bike ride through a mobile app while traveling solo. The company’s mission is to bring people traveling in a similar direction together, reducing the number of vehicles on the road. This helps reduce not only traffic but also carbon footprints and air pollution. It further augments the concept of not owning everything by creating viable and accessible options to share.

Rapido claims that the fares in the city will be as low as ₹6/km. According to the company, the starting price will make it the most affordable commute option for the city. As an introductory offer to the city of Mumbai, the bike taxi player is offering up to 50% off on the first ride.

Rapido recently announced initiatives towards maintaining safety and following guidelines. The precautions include safety back shields for bike taxi rides. The captains are expected to sanitize and clean the seats and all customer accessible areas, post every ride, and mandatory usage of masks during the entire ride by the Captains and the passengers. The company also introduced new policy support where the company provides free cancellation if Captains or customers are without a mask.

Overall, the bike taxi will be helpful, especially in the metro cities where people struggle with traffic.

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