Indian Startup Launches E-store for COVID-19 Essentials

Indian Startup Launches E-store for COVID-19 Essentials

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Mumbai-based health tech startup has launched an e-store selling COVID-19 essentials and personal protective gear to meet growing demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IoT-based health and fitness app has announced the launch of the platform with a concept to mitigate the risk of virus transmission. Customers can buy the products from while staying indoors.

Commenting on the app launch, Atul Kapoor, Founder, said, “Now since the unlock is happening across the nation and people are resuming work now it’s the time to take extra safety measures with protecting themselves and boosting their immunity. We have made sure of the quality of products and are made in India.”

The e-store boasts of an extensive range of products comprising air spray, automatic sanitizer disposer, coverall suits, oximeter, surgical gowns, masks, hand sanitizers, electrolysis spray, gloves, immunity booster, face shield, PPE kit, etc.

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