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Indian Startup Aloe E-cell Discovered The World’s First Eco-Friendly Batteries

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Aloe vera, a natural moisturizer and herbal panacea for diseases can also generate electricity and power batteries. Yes, that’s true. In India, a startup had successfully developed a technology that replaced toxic metals like lead and mercury in a dry cell. They have used aloe vera extracts and other herbs to form a ‘green e-cell‘ that is eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

Engineering graduates Nimisha Varma of Lucknow and Naveen Suman of Bundi (Rajasthan) took aloe extracts, added few herbal constituents used in beauty products and medicines to make a battery electrolyte. Aloe vera is generally used in skin treatments, medicines, and a lot more. They had found a method of generating electrical energy from the chemical energy of aloe vera.

Every year tonnes of batteries are dumped into the landfill. These household batteries contain highly toxic substances, which eventually re-enters the environment. Which as a result, it affects the environment badly. The startup, Aloe E-cell, can bring revolution in the next few years. It gave us a direction towards the eco-friendly environment.

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