Confluent offers a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka

‘Confluent’ Offers a Streaming Platform Based on Apache Kafka That Enables Companies to Easily Access Data as Real-Time Streams

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Full-time headcount: 1,000+

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, USA

Year founded: 2014

Founders: Jay Kreps, Jun Rao, Neha Narkhede

Revenue: $280 Million

Confluent offers a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that enables companies to easily access data as real-time streams. The company’s platform offers an open-source technology that acts as a real-time, fault-tolerant, and highly scalable messaging system, enabling companies to move data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline where they can act on it immediately.

Open-source software has produced a new multibillion-dollar company–one that has some of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture firms jockeying to invest tens of millions in what they call one of the fastest-growing enterprise startups in years. It’s a fast ascent for a company that operated out of an unmarked office next to a dental practice in a nondescript stretch of Mountain View, California, only four years ago and hired its first salesperson a year later. Today, Confluent’s annual bookings have exceeded $100 million, sources close to the company said. Confluent says its bookings grew 3.5x over the past year.

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