Canva Joins Hand with Tiktok to Help Startups Make Faster and Better Ads

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TikTok has announced integrations with graphic design and video platforms Canva to help small business advertisers with their creative processes and to streamline publication.


Canva’s ad templates, coupled with the Publish End Points tool, will bring ease and simplicity for creators by empowering them to natively publish visually compelling content directly to TikTok to engage with the community naturally and authentically.


You know what the popularity of an application means, right? It means that the more the users, the more likely the app is to attract marketers and advertisers because, through big platforms, advertisers can reach a great number of people.

TikTok realizes that it is now the number one choice for advertisers and marketers. Hence, the company is developing tools that will do marketing on their app more fun and attractive.

We want to talk about is Canva which now has worked on 50 TikTok-related templates for users and saving their time in the editing process. The best part about the tool is that it is extremely user-friendly, and so even if you are new to the application, it will not take much time for you to get the hang of Canva.

It is great to see TikTok being so woke because it is the number one downloaded application on the chart, which means it is in the public eye and is trying to make things easier for its users, advertisers, which simultaneously is also benefitting the company.

Canva business has passed $500 million in annualized revenue, up 130% from the year before. With the new funding, cofounder and CEO Melanie Perkins and co-founder and COO Cliff Obrecht are both billionaires.

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