Mozilla Provides Internet Solutions and Offers Firefox, Thunderbird, and Raindrop

California Based Startup ‘Mozilla’ Provides Internet Solutions and Offers Firefox, Thunderbird, and Raindrop

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Parent organization: Mozilla Foundation
CEO: Chris Beard (28 Jul 2014–)
Founder: Mitchell Baker
Founded: 3 August 2005, Mountain View, California, United States
Funding Type: Angel

Mozilla provides internet solutions. It offers Firefox, a web browser; Thunderbird 2, an email application; Raindrop, a prototype messaging tool that enables its users to manage a stream of messages coming from sources such as Twitter and Facebook; and Rainbow, a developer prototype that brings video and audio recording to Firefox 4.

The company also provides Bugzilla, a bug tracking system that helps its users manage software development; Camino, a web browser; SeaMonkey, an application containing a web browser, HTML editor, and web development tools as well as solutions for mobile phones; and Firefox 24, a mobile browser that enables Android users to conduct web-based video chats without a plugin.

In recent years, Mozilla has also worked on crowdsourcing an open and diverse dataset for training voice recognition systems. In 2018, it also launched tools to protect users from tracking code as they navigate the web, including software to cordon off Facebook from other browser activity.


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