Seekify An Intelligent Platform to Solve for Employability

Singapore Based SaaS Startup ‘Seekify’ Provides Customer Experience Platform That Solve Employability

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  • Industry: IoT
  • Funding: $1.5M
  • Investors: Surge Ahead
  • Headquarter: Singapore

Seekify is a great platform to deliver a wow customer experience to your clients.

Users can integrate Seekify with different business software and aggregate all data together on a single platform. With this software, companies can set clear goals, KPIs, and provide data-driven insights using AI and Machine Language to automate workflows.

Companies that want to focus on actionable insights to achieve goals can use Seekify’s Supernova data intelligence service. Seekify claims to be the only customer experience platform that puts data into use, offers contextual training and syncs with processes to boost your CX metrics, at scale. Seekify easily integrate into their customers’ CX Softwares to aggregate all the data that drives their CX. Seekify’s platform helps the business to set clear goals. They give actionable insights from all the data. They don’t stop there and not only give insights but also automate the actions needed to improve the business’ CX. Seekify helps to automate the business CX without losing the human touch.
Overall the company’s motive is to enlarge the customer experience, and no matter what, the company collected data playing an important role to achieve the target. Singapore is also known as the hub of startups in Asia Pacific region, it’s good to see more startups coming from Asia.



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