Quuie – Build Websites From Your Phone In Minutes

NewYork Based SaaS Startup ‘Get Quuie’ Allows Build Websites From Your Phone In Minutes

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  • Industry: Software and SaaS
  • Funding: Bootstrapped
  • Investors: N/A
  • Headquarter: New York, USA

Developing a website right from your mobile phone screen is as easy as it gets. Quuie is a software that helps users do just that. You don’t have to learn coding to get Quuie websites live. It just takes a few clicks and swipes on the smartphone screen to develop a website. Quuie is one of the best software for those individuals who want to develop a website for themselves.

Now non-technical businesses, brands, groups, influencers, creators and individuals can create a website in minutes and update it on-the-go. Their Salient Features: Edit On The Go – Quickly build and make updates to your site from your phone whenever you want and wherever you are; Search Engine Optimized – Quuie sites are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so your chances of showing up in search results are increased; Analytics – Useful analytics so you can understand what your visitors are most interested in; Multiple Users – Allow multiple people on your team to edit and update your site — no need to share credentials; Marketing Friendly – Easily add marketing solutions like Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel so you can remarket to site visitors; High Quality – Boost your online presence and impress perspective customers by having a high quality website that looks greats; Your Domain – Every site includes a unique Quuie Link (e.g. quuie.com/yourname) so you can easily share your site on social media platforms; Password Protected – In the click of a button you can make your site private so only those who have the password can access it; Easy to Use – Quuie was made for non-technical people.

This makes it quite easy for the non-technical people who don’t know about technical stuff but they want to create a website for their business, it is a good initiative from a such kind of startups.



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