Artelogic an Outsourcing Software Development Company

Artelogic an Outsourcing Software Development Company That Creates Opportunities and Solves Problems for its Customers as They Tackle the Complexities of Building Commercial-Grade Software

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Founders- Tural Mamedov

Headquarter- Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

C0-founder- Tural Mamedov

Founded in- 2012

Artelogic quality assurance services ensure that the applications you have developed acts and functions as it is supposed to without critical errors that can damage your company‘s productivity and even its reputation. When it comes to quality assurance, the company goals are twofold; the first is to ensure that your application does what you need it to and does it correctly without errors.

When you utilize our quality assurance services, you can be sure that we are using the best practices in the industry to ensure you have a fully functional and quality application to deal with. Their staff utilizes requirements static analysis to determine the requirements of your application. It compares that to the capabilities of the final product to ensure meets those requirements and does them in a safe, secure manner. Artelogic staff will also analyze various configurations to optimize the operation of the application on your network or its intended platform. Any issues with the programming can be found and fixed to allow the testing process to continue until all known issues are addressed.

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