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Apeel Sciences Startup: Working its Way to Reduce World Hunger

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Apeel Sciences develops plant-derived shelf life extension technology for fresh produce that improves quality and reduces food waste.

Apeel Sciences develops plant-derived shelf life extension technology to reduce food waste. As a major producer and consumer of agricultural products, China faces a serious food waste problem as it turns towards sustainable urbanization and industrialization. The country needs some ‘Apeel’-like startups.

Their main products are ‘Edipeel’ and ‘Invisipeel,’ which help extend shelf life and keep produce fresh for up to 5 times longer than their natural decay rate. Edipeel and Invisipeel are natural plant-based, non-chemical solutions that protect both crops and harvested products from eliminating food waste, increasing food quality, and reducing water use.

Considering the amount of food wasted yearly in China – statistics show that enough food to feed 200 million people, about one-sixth of China’s population, goes to waste annually – and government support levels for Greentech startups might be the perfect time to initiate similar AgriTech businesses.



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