A New-York Based Startup ‘TapRm’ Delivers Beer At Your Door-Step

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  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • Funding: $1.7M
  • Investors: The Broe Group

Getting beer in the US is no more difficult. With TapRm, a new e-commerce store, you can get your beer delivered right at your doorstep. As of now, the service of TapRM is only available in New York. The company has received approximately $1.7 million in funds for scaling the service to other US states.

In other words, TapRm is able to serve as both distributor and retailer. So it works with breweries to sell their beer to more than 600 bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, but it also allows them to sell their beer directly to consumers, via branded websites. In fact, Sherman said TapRm rewards breweries for prioritizing online sales.

That focus on enabling craft breweries to sell to consumers, rather than simply serving as a delivery system for brick-and-mortar liquor stores, is also what distinguishes TapRm from startups like Drizly.

In addition, the company operates an online marketplace of its own and provides beer recommendations across its different online storefronts. And overall this kind of startup also provides affordable beer by removing the middlemen and getting beer at your doorstep.

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