Unmade- Software Company That Drive Innovation Through Customization

Unmade A Global Fashion Software Company That Drive Innovation Through Customization And Deliver An End-To-End Digital Solution For On-Demand Production

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Co-founder & CEO: Hal Watts

Headquarter: London, UK

Founded: 2013

Unmade are changing fashion design and manufacture. By controlling industrial knitting machines in a new way, the startup can make a different garment every time, turning these machines into 3D printers for clothes, but using high-quality, natural fibers instead. Launching this winter in Somerset House, Unmade gives customers the chance to remix prominent artists and designers’ work to create their dream jumper that is then made in front of them. Customers can also see their designs on models before sending them to knit with Unmade’s unique preview technology.

No-one else has been able to offer custom production in knitwear due to the high programming cost. Unmade’s patent-pending technologies remove this cost and make one-off production possible at a similar cost to local mass production.

Through Unmade, brands can then offer bespoke, customized, or limited edition knitwear to their customers. Using the same machines as major brands such as Burberry or Benetton, Unmade runs factory trials early next year to prove their technologies at an industrial scale.

Unmade’s long-term aim is to create a platform and marketplace through which brands and small designers can offer custom clothing to their customers and taking the mass custom production of knitwear to an industrial level.

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