Fathom Health A Deep Learning NLP System That Accelerate Medical Reimbursement Backed By Google Ventures

San Francisco Based Startup ‘Fathom’ Health A Deep Learning NLP System That Accelerate Medical Reimbursement Backed By Google Ventures

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Founding Date: 2016
Founders: Andrew Lockhart, Christopher Bockman

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Fathom develops a coding automation platform designed to expedite medical coding practice. Fathom leverages AI to automatically review incoming charts as well as offers full-service coding services and real-time comprehensive audit, allowing medical operators to automate their coding and optimize their business.
They provide a turn-key solution that combines their AI system with world-class medical coders to handle all the coding needs, resulting in up to a 70% reduction in coding costs while increasing speed, accuracy, and security. Clients can use their AI to ease the burden on their coding team. In one quick step, they can review the incoming charts, process the charts that can be coded by their system, and then pass the remainder to their current coding operation, allowing them to focus on the most critical charts while drastically reducing your overall coding costs.

Their Salient Features: Cost – Reduce the total cost of your coding operations by up to 70%; Scale – Effortlessly add the capacity to code millions of charts per day; Speed – Cut your coding turnaround by days, not hours or minutes; Reliability – Ensure that your coding operations never slow down or stop; Accuracy – Instantly reduce claim denials and mitigate audit risk; Security – Keep your PHI secure with industry-leading technology and protocol.



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