NeuroFlow Manages Your Wellbeing With An Easy Tool

US Based Behavioral Health Startup ‘NeuroFlow’ Manages Your Wellbeing With An Easy Tool

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  • Industry: Health Care
  • Funding: $11M
  • Investors: Builders VC
  • Headquarter: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

The NeuroFlow digital health application tracks assess and manage your mental wellbeing through an easy tool. The NeuroFlow tool supports your journey for holistic wellbeing. However, not everyone can sign up for the NeuroFlow application. Since it is a healthcare tool, you will need a doctor’s written note to get its subscription.

The suite of tools supports remote monitoring and behavioural health integration across the continuum of care, including psychology, primary care, and pain management settings, with the goal of increasing patient engagement and improving compliance. The company’s contracted user base has grown 10x times to over 330,000 and it works with more than 200 commercial health systems, payers, accountable care organizations, independent medical groups and federal agencies.

NeuroFlow’s technology increases access to personalized, collaborative care while empowering primary care providers, care managers, and other specialists to most effectively support patient populations by accounting for and addressing behavioural health, according to the company.



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