Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy, An Indian Startup Who Successfully Made Biofuel From Algae

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We all know all cars generally run on fuel, and with the rise of continuous demand, fuel is dangerous. Therefore, Sea6 Energy has a unique idea: grow algae on seawater and use the resulting algal biomass to produce biomass.

Their plans presently include making renewable chemicals and food additives using algae. Sea6 energy also created novel ocean structures to help carry out large scale offshore farming of tropical sea plants. It has developed Dweep, an artificial floating island system designed to survive in the harshest of ocean conditions. Combining several Dweeps could create artificial land of several hectares in the ocean. They could be used for a wide range of solar power generation applications, which can provide the needed power for sustainable offshore farming, deep-sea aquaculture, provide power and water by desalination for offshore processing stations. Such floating islands could also be used for developing offshore houses and hotels.

Sea6’s other invention, currently being used in Bali, Indonesia, is the Sea Combine, a seaweed harvester that helps in the large scale offshore industrial farming of the sea plants to produce large amounts of biomass needed for the manufacture of various products. Its product range includes plant bio-stimulants and immunostimulants for agriculture, animal feed, organic food pigments, bioplastics, and biofuels.


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