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Indian Investors

Interested in Trading? Open Zero Balance Demat Account with this Company

Groww is an investment platform that offers a new way of investing money with stockbroking and direct mutual funds.
Health Wallet

Have You Invested in Health Wallet? This Company is Offering a Wallet for Medical Expenses

CarePay has developed a health benefit wallet that operates on a mobile phone. Participants can save, receive and spend money, but the funds can only be used to pay for healthcare.

Stuck in traffic? Don’t Worry this Company Will Take You to Your Destination

Joby, founded in 2009, is the first eVTOL company to participate in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign.
Aerospace Company

Want to Travel to the Space? This Aerospace Company Will Do it For You

Blue Origin is an American aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight company headquartered in Kent, Washington. Blue Origin has a host of projects in the pipeline for Bezos to get stuck into.

BabySparks is a Developer of Tools and Programs to Help Parents Engage their Babies and Toddlers in the Critical Areas of Early Development

BabySparks is a platform where it guides parents and helps grow your child through activities from your baby to the early development of your baby.

Signal is an Encrypted Communications Application for Android and iOS that Focuses on Advancing Secure Communications

Signal is easy to use. Using the app, users can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that they can chat in real-time with all their friends at once,

Workstream is an Automated Hiring Platform for Companies Employing Hourly Workers

Workstream reduces the time and resources needed for the hiring process and sharply raises the conversion rate of the applicant to employee.

Meet the Robot that Re-invented In-store Promotions

Tokinomo campaigns are different because they promote sales through engagement rather than price cutting. In fact, some Tokinomo clients even increase their prices during the campaign and still see sales increases of over 100%.
Nykaa Founder

India Mints New Billionaire Woman As Nykaa Founder Grooms Her Startup For An IPO

offers a well-curated comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, bath and body, fragrance, grooming appliances, personal care, and health and wellness categories.

‘ManyChat’ Helps Businesses do Marketing, Sales and Support Through Facebook Messenger

ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales, and support through Facebook Messenger. For example, it helps businesses create a chatbot in 5 minutes without coding.

Canva Joins Hand with Tiktok to Help Startups Make Faster and Better Ads

Canva to help small business advertisers with their creative processes and to streamline publication and Help Startups Make Faster.
Insurance Industry

US Insurance Industry Shows a Positive Growth Post COVID-19, Net Premiums Totaled $1.32 trillion in 2019

Insurance Industry - US insurers are looking to capitalize on the innovations they implemented during the pandemic to go virtual digital.
Digital Health

Digital Health Begins the New Era in Medical Sector and ‘Wellframe’ is Pushing it Ahead

Wellframe digital health management platform offers solutions for care management and advocacy that help organizations forge more meaningful connections with members across their healthcare journey.
Allbirds Startup

Nature is Making a Comeback With ‘Allbirds’ a Startup that Manufactures Shoes with Wool Fabric

Allbirds Startup , who took the initiative to think something different and adopted mother nature, Tim Brown teamed up with Joey Zwillinger.
Quinn Snacks

Natural Ingredients Food Always Taste Better and Quinn Snacks Promise to Keep it Real

Quinn snacks help farmers and partners improve practices, sourcing better quality ingredients, and pushing packaging towards being more sustainable.
Colco the World’s 1st Audio

Colco the World’s 1st Audio Centric Social Collaboration App Designed Where an Individual Can Sell Their Digital Content

As the world is moving towards digitalization, the process of recruitment and selling digital content is changing.
London Based Startup

London Based Startup ‘Babylon’ Aims to Provide Accessible, Affordable Healthcare by Combining AI with Doctors.

Babylon is a digital health service provider that combines AI technology with the medical expertise of humans.
Lifestyle Brand for Woman

‘Good American’ A New Generation Lifestyle Brand for Woman Who Wants to Make the Most of Herself, Inside and Out.

'Good American' A New Generation Lifestyle Brand for Woman Who Wants to Make the Most of Herself, Inside and Out.

London Based ‘OneWeb’ is Building a Space-Based Global Communications Network That Delivers High-Speed, Low Latency Internet Access.

OneWeb is developing a global communication network that will revolutionize the world by providing high-speed internet access.
US Startup

US Startup ‘Credit Karma’ Offers a Range of Tools and Personalized Recommendations Designed to Help Customers Make the Most of Their Money.

US Startup 'Credit Karma' Offers a Range of Tools and Personalized Recommendations Designed to Help Customers Make the Most of Their Money.

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Startup Of The Week – Corefactors

Corefactors has seen struggles in maintaining leads for a business, tracking the team’s progress, and accessing reports in a conventional excel sheet. While all of this led to the inefficiency of the business functioning, it also added the difficulty of juggling between various platforms. Intending to shove away the roadblocks in the way of business sales, marketing, and communication, Corefactors understood the gap. That’s how Teleduce emerged into the business as an “ Integrated CRM to empower marketing, sales, and support teams with inbuilt cloud telephony.”